Creating a Class

Creating a Class

Please note: If you access Perfection Next through SSO (single sign-on) via another platform such as Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, Google Classroom, etc., then you will need to contact your district’s IT team and have them add classes to your account for you. If you manually create your own classes directly on Perfection Next, they will disappear during our daily data sync.

Follow the steps below to create a new class in your teacher or administrator account:

1. Click Manage in the top right corner of the screen and select Classes from the dropdown menu.

2. You should now be on the Manage Classes page. It will show an empty list if you have not added any classes yet. Click the blue Add Class button near the bottom of the page.

3. This will take you to the Add Class screen. Fill in the information for the class you are adding.

It is recommended that you give your classes unique names, as this will make it easier to distinguish them on your Dashboard later. The other fields are optional.

4. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Your newly created class should now appear on your Manage Classes page. To create another class, click the Add Class button to begin the process again.

6. After you've created your classes, you will still need to add products (books) to them. See the Adding Products to Class article for instructions.

7. You also need to add students to each class you create. Many teachers prefer to use the class code method to add students, but manually adding students or uploading a CSV file are also options.

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