Method 1: Use a Class Code to Provide Access

Method 1: Use a Class Code to Provide Access

Please note: There is more than one option for giving students access to Perfection Next. Only use this process if you are NOT using a CSV file and are NOT manually adding students.
Please also note: Before following this process, you should already have classes set up and have products added to them. See the articles for Creating a Class and Adding Products to a Class for reference.
Follow the steps below to give students the Class Code that will allow them to create their own accounts and register for your class.

1. Click the Manage button in the top right corner of the screen. Select the Classes option from the dropdown menu.

2. On the Manage Classes page, find the row of the class you would like your students to register in. Locate the Class Code. (This code was automatically generated when you created the class.)

3. Have your students go to and select the Use a Code button.

4. Have your students enter the class code associated with your class and select the Next button. Please note that class codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they are displayed on the class tile.

5. The students will then see a message indicating which school the class code will register them to. Once they have confirmed that they are being added to the correct school, the students should select the Next button.

6. The students will need to enter their school email addresses and select the Next button.

7. The student will then get a message letting them know that an account will be created using the provided email address. Students should select the Next button to proceed. 

Please note that email addresses must be unique on the Perfection Next platform. If any students have previously created an account, they will get the following screen and should click Continue. They will next be prompted to enter their account password and should then be successfully added to the class.

8. Students will next enter their first name and select the Next button.

9. Students will enter their last name and select the Next button.

10. Next, students will be prompted to create a password. Please note:

      a. Passwords must be at least six characters long.
      b. Passwords must include both an uppercase and a lowercase letter.
      c. Passwords must contain a number.

11. Students will then be prompted to confirm their password by re-entering it. They should then select the Next button.

12. If the password is re-entered successfully, students will be taken into the Perfection Next platform and should be able to see any assignments assigned to them.
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