Student Immersive Reader Guide

Student Immersive Reader Guide

Student Immersive Reader Guide

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Accessing the Immersive Reader function

  1. Navigate to the left of the screen and click on the red Immersive Reader Icon

  1. After clicking on the immersive reader icon, the following screen will appear. 

Text Preferences

  • Under the "Text Preferences" icon you have options to:
  • Text size
  • Spacing 
  • Font
  • Theme (screen contrast)
  • Source Formatting

Grammar Options

  • Under the "Grammar Options" icon you have options to:
  • Break words down by syllabification
  • Highlight the parts of speech and adjust what the color of text is shown as
  • After selecting a part of speech to highlight you can have it labeled by the part of speech selected 

Reading Preferences

  • Under the "Reading Preferences" icon you have options to:
  • Turn on, line focus
  • Turn on, the picture dictionary feature
  • Translate by word or document

    Full Screen

  • To enter full screen mode select the arrow on the top, right-side of the screen. 

  • To exit full screen mode, you can press the esc key or click on the exit full screen mode icon in the top right-hand corner.

Voice Settings

  1. Click on the "Voice Settings" icon to adjust the voice speed and/or selection.


  • Select the "Play" button to for the text to read aloud through the audio on your device.

Languages Supported    

  1. Click on the following link to find out which languages are supported in the Immersive Reader:
          Languages Supported

Exiting Immersive Reader

You can exit the immersive reader feature by selecting the back arrow at the top, left-side of the page. 

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