Multi-School Users for Teachers on Perfection Next

Multi-School Users for Teachers on Perfection Next

This will only work for integrated students and teachers on the Perfection Next platform. 

1. Once you are logged into Perfection Next you will be brought to to the  resource page.

Your resource page will look different depending on what your school uses
Teachers: Please make sure to follow the Adding Products to Class ( article for instructions on how to assign resources to your students

2. Find the hamburger menu on the top left, left click to open it.

3. Once you have that open, you will see an icon for schools, left click this icon.

4. Once this menu is option is opened, you will se an new window open in the middle of your screen. This will allow you to toggle between different schools.

5. Once you have selected the correct school, click the green change schools button and this will direct you to the correct schools resource page. 

6. You will then be able to access the resources, classes, and students for the selected school. 

If you are not an integrated user, and you need to be able to access this functionality, please email for further assistance.

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