Integration Overview

Integration Overview

If access to Perfection Next at your school or district is integrated with single sign-on (SSO), users will log in to the Perfection Next platform via their learning management system (LMS) rather than the Perfection Next login page. Common LMSs include Canvas, ClassLink, Clever, Google Classroom, and Schoology.

Integrations can also include roster synchronization and, for Interactive Edition products, assignment and grade synchronization. Please note that this depends on the specific LMS or SIS (student information system).

If you are unsure whether your school is integrated already, contact us at Just because your school or district uses an LMS or SIS for certain purposes does not necessarily mean that its access to Perfection Next is integrated.

Please note: We have a qualification process to determine if a school or district is eligible for integration. Contact your sales representative to find out if your school or district qualifies.

Additional information relating to integrations can be found here.

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