Immersive Reader Guide

Immersive Reader Guide

What is Immersive Reader?

Immersive Reader is a text reader available on Interactive Edition books. It provides a distraction-free view of the text and includes a wide array of accessibility features.
Features include:
  1. Read-aloud of the text, available at different speeds
  2. Display options such as text size, font, background color
  3. Translation into virtually any language
  4. Picture dictionary
  5. Reading help with indicators for syllables and parts of speech

Finding Immersive Reader

Open Immersive Reader

Once you have opened up an interactive edition of a book in Perfection Next, you can access Immersive Reader by clicking the Immersive Reader icon. The icon looks like a book with a speaker.

Close Immersive Reader

To leave Immersive Reader and go back to the regular view of the text, click the back arrow in the top left corner of the page.

Audio Options

Play Audio

To hear the text read aloud, click the teal Play button at the bottom of the screen.

Click the same button again to pause the reading. The page will auto-scroll as it reads the the text and the word currently being read will be indicated by a rectangle.

Voice Settings

The Voice Settings button is located at the bottom of the page and looks like a speaker with a gear.

Drag the Voice Speed indicator to the left to slow the rate of speech, or to the right to speed it up. You can also switch the voice to male or female.

Please note: The read-aloud option is available for many, but not all, of the available translation languages. You can have the text read aloud in another language by first translating the document in the Reading Preferences menu (book icon).

Text Preferences

To adjust the visual display of the page, click the Text Preferences button near the top right corner of the screen. The icon looks like two letter A's.

Clicking the icon will open the Text Preferences menu.

Text Size

Drag the Text Size indicator to the left to make the text smaller, or to the right to make it bigger.

Increase Spacing

The Increase Spacing option may be toggled on by default. Toggle it off to make the lines of text closer together.


Select whichever font you'd like to view the page in by clicking the circle next to the font name.


The Themes section allows you to change the background color of the page. Select the More Colors option to show all available colors.

Some users may prefer themes with less contrast. Others may prefer a dark background.

Grammar Options

Immersive Reader offers extra reading support with options to break down words by syllable and break down sentences by part of speech.

To view the Grammar Options menu, click the Grammar Options icon in the top right corner of the screen. The icon looks like lines of text with a wand.

Clicking the icon will open the Grammar Options menu.


Toggling on the Syllables option will break down the words on the page by syllable, separating the syllables with dots. This can be useful for English language learners and students needing extra reading support.

Parts of Speech

Toggling on one of the parts of speech toggles, such as nouns, will change the words on the page that are that part of speech into the shown color. To change the color, click the down arrow next to the colored box and select the color you'd like from the dropdown menu.

Show Labels

Toggling on the Show labels toggle will label the parts of speech on the page. This will only apply to the parts of speech that you currently have toggled on.

Reading Preferences

Options for language translation, picture dictionary, and line focus view can be found in the Reading Preferences menu.

Clicking the book icon will open the Reading Preferences menu.

Line Focus

The Line Focus view displays the page so that only one line of text is readable at a time. Turn on this view by toggling on the Line Focus option or by clicking the button with desired number of lines shown.

Picture Dictionary

The Picture Dictionary option can be toggled on or off. When it is on, clicking a word in the text will bring up a picture to help explain its meaning. Many, but not all, of the words have a picture.


The text can be translated into virtually any language by clicking into the box displaying the current language and selecting the desired language from the dropdown menu.

Translate by Word

When By word is toggled on, the body of the text will remain in English but you can translate individual words by clicking on them. When you click on a word, a translation bubble will pop up.

Translate by Document

When Document is toggled on, the entire text will be translated into the selected language.

When the entire text is translated, you can easily switch between viewing the original English and the selected language by using the tabs in in the center top of the page.

When the text is translated into another language, you can read the text aloud in that language by clicking the teal Play button at the bottom of the page. The read-aloud feature is available for many, but not all, of the available languages.

Full Screen

You can further eliminate distractions by making the Immersive Reader take up the full screen of your computer or device. The Full Screen button is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

To exit full screen mode, either click the same button again or press the Esc button on your keyboard.

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