Resetting Your Password

Resetting Your Password

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  • You can reset your password in two places.
  • Login Screen
  • Account Settings

Login Screen

  • After accessing the website you will see this screen.

  • You can choose from two options on this login screen.

  • Select Sign in after you have completed the Use a code step. "Use a code" precedes "Sign in" to ensure that your account has been activated.  
  • To sign in, double left-click "Sign in."

  • This is the screen you will see after clicking "Sign in."

  • Enter the username that you set up in the “Use a code” step.
  • After successfully entering your username, double left-click “Next.” You will see the screen below.

  • Double left-click “Forgot password?”

  • This is the screen you will see after clicking"Forgot password?"

  • Click "Next" to generate a password reset email that looks like the image below.

  • Double left-click the link in the highlighted area.

  • This is the screen you will see after clicking the link.

  • Create a new password, without special characters, that includes
  • at least 6 characters 
  • a lowercase letter
  • an uppercase letter
  • a number
  • Enter your password a second time to confirm
  • After you have successfully created a new password, double left-click "Save."

  • This is the screen you will see after clicking "Save."

  • You have successfully reset your password.

Account Settings

  • To change or reset your password in Account Settings, navigate to the screen below.

  • Select the navigation menu in the top-left corner.

  • Select the Account Settings icon in the top-left corner.

  • You will be directed to this screen.

  • Select “Password” at the top of the screen.

  • This will bring you to the screen below.

  • On this screen you can
  • show your current password
  • create a new password with at least six characters, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number, and no special charters.

  • Click "Save" to reset your password.

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