CSV File Instructions

CSV File Instructions

  1. This should be completed on a PC or Mac operating system. Google Chromebooks will not support the .CSV upload at this time.
  2. The header columns of this document should not be re-named or moved. The only header that is safe to remove is the School ID header.
  3. Re-naming, moving, or deleting any other column headers will result in errors with the upload process. 
  4. We highly recommend including a password for each student in this file. Without the password, you will have to manually enter a password for each student. 
  5. The Perfection Next platform can upload up to 2,500 students at a time. If you are uploading more than 2,500 students, please create separate csv files for your users. 
Follow the steps below to set up your .CSV file for the upload process.
  1. Follow the Uploading Students article to download the .CSV file template. 
  2. Once the .CSV file has been downloaded onto your device, open the file from your Downloads folder.
  3. Once the file is open, you will see examples entries.

  4. Delete these example entries by selecting them and right-clicking the selection.
  5. After right clicking the selected entries, there will be a "Delete" option:

  6. Click "Delete" and select the "Shift cells left" option.
  7. Once "Shift cells left" option is selected, click "OK."

  8. The example entries will be removed and you can enter your students' information in the cells:

    • Passwords cannot contain special characters and must contain at least six characters, one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, and one number.
  1. There is a School ID column header in the downloaded template. This column is for district administrators only. If you are a teacher, then you can remove the School ID column header and upload the file without it. 
    1. If you are a district administrator and you need your School ID information, please contact support@perfectionnext.com
  2. After all your student information is entered into the .CSV file, save the file to your Desktop. 
  3. Follow the Uploading Students article to complete the upload process. 


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