Creating a Class

Creating a Class

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Follow the steps below to create a class in your teacher/administrator account.
  1. Click the three horizontal bars in the top-left corner.

  2. The navigation menu will open up and you can click the Classes option.

  3. Click the grey Add a Class button.

  4. Enter the class information in the provided fields.

    1. The Class Name and Class ID  fields are required.
      1. The Class ID is an identifier or descriptor of your class. It is meant to help you distinguish between your other classes. Many teachers use the period number or course number for the Class ID field. 
    2. The SubjectGrade, and Period fields are optional.

  5. After the information is entered, click the green Create Class button at the bottom of the screen.

  6. You should then see a confirmation message. 
  7. If you have additional classes to add, click the Add a Class button again.
  8. Next, assign the digital products (eBooks/Interactive edition) to the class by Adding Products to Class.
  9. Finally, give students access to the digital products by using one of three options below:
    1.  Share the Class Code
    2. Add Students as Users and Adding Students to the Class
    3. Upload Students using a CSV file and Adding Students to the Class
  10. To edit your class information, see Editing a Class
  11. To remove a class from your account, see Deleting a Class

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