Completing an Assignment as a Student

Completing an Assignment as a Student

To find the work that has been assigned to you, start by navigating to the top left menu to expand the options.

Select Assignments from the expanded menu.

Click on the name of the assignment you are ready to complete.

The assignment you select will open in the window. Some assignments will have multiple exercises to complete. Click through the tabs at the top of the window to complete all questions. 

Assignments can have different types of questions or exercises. This is an example of an open response question that asks you to type a response. When you are finished typing, click the submit button to share your answer with the instructor.

Vocabulary exercises like the one shown below are completed by a clicking on the answer, holding your finger down, and dragging it to the related box for each question.

NOTE: You are not able to change your answers after you have clicked the submit button.
Once you have selected and moved all the answers to the questions, the submit button will turn purple. Click the submit button to share your answer with the instructor.

You can check the status of your assignments by returning to the top left menu to expand the options, and selecting Assignments. The far right hand column of your assignment list will show which sections you have Submitted, Not Started, or started working on, shown as In Progress.

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